My name is Sally Lewis. I'm a Behaviourist based in South Devon, UK. I have put together a series of courses to help you, a dedicated dog guardian who wants to learn more to help you on your training & behaviour journey with your dog.

All of the courses are delivered in easy to understand formats, with key information that I think everyone caring for (or working with) dogs should know! I've helped hundreds of families and dogs in person, and I can't wait to start helping you as well.

Whether you have an anxious or nervous dog, an excitable dog working on key life skills, you have recently got a puppy, or have adopted a rescue - there is something here for everyone.

My approach is based on up to date studies in Canine Behaviour & Psychology, and I advocate for fear-free, positive, ethical methods. You can rest assured that the content in each course or webinar is focused on the welfare of your dog. To learn more about me as a professional, my qualifications, and my ethos, you can visit my behavioural support website which can be found by clicking this link.

All students can join the exclusive Learning Hub facebook community group (find the link in your student dashboard).

What do others have to say?

“Sally helped me with my Frenchie who was very anxious on walks, and her recall went out the window. Sally is so knowledgeable and calming. She explains everything. The difference in my dog and how I now read my dogs body language is incredible. I feel so confident again in walking her. Thankyou so much Sally”

M Boorer

“Sally has really helped us all gain confidence! Our Romanian rescue, Sugar, is coping much better with other dogs, and is enjoying time 'off lead' now - something we thought would never happen! A lot of it is down to the calm and assured advice from Sally, which gave us that confidence we needed as rescue dog owners. ”

D Roberts

“Myself and my nervous and timid cavapoo Nellie recently attended one of sally’s courses. Even after the first week, I noticed a difference in Nellie’s behaviour. Sally’s advice has been so helpful and has helped me to realise what is going on in Nellie’s world and how to help her deal with her fears and anxieties. ”

L Bird

“We have recently worked with Sally and I cannot recommend her highly enough!!! She sussed our little dog out straight away! She knew exactly what tricks and tips we needed to help with her behaviour and we have come on leaps and bounds!”

C Johnson

“I met Sally today at her helping-adjust-your-dog-to-your-new-baby course and it was an absolutely fantastic morning. I have come away with ideas, plans, and a whole load of new confidence on how to face the somewhat daunting months that lie ahead with my pup. She is so approachable and clearly extremely knowledgable in her field- I feel very lucky to have met her and that I now have someone I can take my questions to. Thanks Sally - hugely recommended!”

S Coates

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