Does your dog struggle around other dogs, or do you care for other dogs who do?

Caring for a reactive dog can be difficult. It can leave you feeling isolated, and scratching your head, asking why. This course has been put together after several years of specialising in working with reactive dogs. You will gain essential understanding about why your dog behaves in this way, different factors that can influence behaviour, safety and management, coaching strategies for you and your dog to grow their confidence, things to avoid, and how things can change as dogs age. Find out more below and take the next step for you and your dog. Includes access to the course for one year, and access to our exclusive community Facebook group.

What to expect

  • Understanding the 'why'

    This course provides a comprehensive understanding of reasons why dogs can develop reactive behaviour

  • Understanding the 'how'

    Simple strategies for you and your dog, to grow their confidence around other dogs

  • Considering the individual dog

    Exploring the importance of looking at our dog as an individual, including their experiences and preferences

  • Keeping everyone safe

    Exploring essential information around safety, management, and dog law

  • Easy to understand information

    Presented in an accessible format with simple quizzes at the end of each module

  • Start enjoying your dog walks again

    Learn everything you need to so that you stop dreading your dog walks, and start enjoying them

  • Access for one year

    You will have course access for one year, and can revisit as many times as you'd like in that time.

  • Exclusive community group

    Join our exclusive facebook community group (link can be found at the start of the course)

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course introduction

    1. Pack hierarchy: the outdated theory

    2. Quiz

    1. Individualism & Social Preferences

    2. New & Worsening Behaviour

    3. Potential causes for reactivity

    4. The Emotional Bucket, Trigger Stacking

    5. Quiz

    1. Management & Safety

    2. Quiz

    1. Safety bubbles, threshold, body language

    2. Shake offs

    3. Quiz

    1. Identifying 'Dog Related' Triggers

    2. Choice in the Environment

    3. Distance and Triggers

    4. 'The Positivity Scales'

    5. Time, Distance, Choice

    6. Quiz

About this course

  • £199.00
  • 45 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Take the next step for you and your dog